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Seeking professional advice is an extremely valuable aspect of your journey. What if it was all offered for free? At Inspired Home Selections we offer full package selection consultations to provide you with unbeatable knowledge and experience. Our showroom consultants offer a wealth of knowledge with over 25 years experience amongst them. When you can utilise experience and expertise for free, its an offer you should take while you can. This is our passion not a job, our showroom consultants want to select and help be apart of designing someone else’s dream home. Use the calendly below to book a consultation that suits you.

What do I need to know before I book?


  • Before we can provide a full package consultation we must be qualify you to ensure we can provide our services. To ensure you are ready for a full consultation upwards of 3 hours long please book a 15 minute phone consultation first and one of our friendly consultants will contact you.
  • What if you don’t need a full consultation? Our 1 hour session will help us gather information from you in order for us to provide a quote. This is perfect for someone with designs ready to go.
  • Our consultations are absolutely free. We love our clients just us much as we love our interiors. That’s why we are so confident in our services.