Are the consultations free?
The consultations are absolutely free. Here at Inspired we want to help you to create your dream home without any hidden fees. That’s why our consultation’s are free.
If a product is not in store or on display in your showroom, can you still supply it?
Yes, we have a massive range of products available for review in our supplier brochures. We love finding and supplying new and different products. Therefore if you find a product you like that we don’t currently stock then we will do absolutely everything we can to provide it for you.
Do you offer free samples?
Yes we do, you never know what product you are going to love without seeing it in action. This being the case we offer samples on several products. Speak to our Administration team to find out if your product is available for a sample.
Do you offer free designs
As interior designers we love designing homes and also love giving our customers the absolute best experience possible. However sometimes we can’t always offer free designs. In some cases we may be able to offer you a free design but this is not guaranteed.
Can I bring my floor plan in and have someone help me?
Of course you can, our team of interior designers are more than happy to assist you with you.
Can I do a consultation online?
You sure can, we offer virtual consultations via zoom. This way if you can’t make it to our showroom we can still provide you with the design experience.
Can someone come out to my home to assist me?
Yes. Contact us to find out if one of our interior designers are available to visit you.