11/03/2022 in News

3 Top Interior Design Influences for 2022

2022 is the year of interior design, with many new trends, and styles being introduced yearly, its often hard to find the right one for you. Here are out top 3 interior design influences to consider when designing and selecting your space.

Colours of Nature

We are all wanting a sense of calm when we enter the safety of our home and one way to bring that indoors is to welcome the outdoors in. There are so many therapeutic benefits of being surrounded by nature, and with the stresses of the past few years, our homes have now become our sanctuary. The prefect colour palette can be taken from any part of nature where the home occupants find peace and calm. Raw nature lovers will find comfort surrounded in a palette of warm clays, moss, rich forest greens as well as deep purples and reds.

The Dulux Restore colour palette is the perfect starting point for colour inspiration.

Incorporate raw colours with out wall assembly mixers.

Textured Surfaces

Our connection to the natural world extends beyond just colour. A major influence in interior looks for 2022 are rendered surfaces, woven fibres, textured carpets and fluted timbers. A great project that embodied the use of textural elements is the Woorak House.

When Megan Burns of CM Studio was engaged to design a new beach house on Sydney’s Northern Beaches her brief was to create a home that embraced the surrounding vernacular of casual, barefoot living and allowed access to a breezy beach focussed lifestyle. Here’s a little more of the brief and how Rockcote’s products were used to achieve amazing results.

‘Generously designed and impeccably finished, Woorak House balances strength with softness and curves with clean lines. When it came to material selections CM Studio had specified Rockcote on numerous projects and appreciated both its artisan qualities as well as its reliability. A layered natural palette of materials of stone, timber and brass meant that Rockcote Finecote and Marrakesh were the perfect choice to compliment the calm and casual space.’

Multifunctional Spaces

We have seen the increased need for functional spaces in all corners of the home for multiple reasons. Practicality is a necessity for multitasking and a new need for utilising the home for more than just a home is becoming a general request.

Storage and the flexibility for changing and adapting spaces is highly essential as we have been forced to use our homes as a home office, workplace, study space, and additional accommodation.

One of the challenges is how to incorporate these new functional spaces while still connecting to the style of the home. Here’s some tips from the storage kings of the world: Ikea…

‘You can carve out a workspace you’ll feel good working at practically anywhere in your home, all you need is a proper desk, a comfy chair, some storage and a lamp. Choose colours and materials that match with the rest of your deco for a chic, coordinated look that blends right in.’

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