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How To Add Value To Your Home | Expert Interior Design Tips

How To Add Value To Your Home | Expert Interior Design Tips


You may be a homeowner looking to earn the highest price for the sale of your property, or you might be searching for some design ideas for your next renovation that will leave a lasting impression for many years to come. However, renovations can seem extremely daunting when many of your friends and family tell you that they come with a hefty price tag which can be a huge misconception.


While hiring experienced interior designers like Inspired Home Selections to come with a cost in the short term but can save you thousands of dollar and your hard-earned time in the long run.

Our design team can provide the know-how to avoid costly mistakes when committing to DIY construction. Inspired’s professional interior designers are here to give you expert advice and the right help with planning your next project, right through to project completion. We also stock thousands of the items and materials you need for your new kitchen, laundry, or bathroom. As a bonus, here are a few ways in which interior designers like ours can add value to your home renovations:


Choosing the right look and finishes

Selecting the right colours and styling in your home can make your space brighter, and more friendly, and even elevate or relax the mood of its users. One way to make a home appear more spacious is to improve the styling and colour pallete. In addition to enhancing the aesthetics of your home, greater style can also attract more potential buyers. Modernise and improve the functionality of your fixtures, such as a sleek shower head and tap set.


Upgrade your kitchen

Managing your assets well means prioritising what will bring in the most value for your money. At an open house, the most important room to a prospective buyer is typically the kitchen. They imagine themselves hosting dinner parties and gatherings within their brand-new home.

It would be a great idea to replace your kitchen fittings that simply don’t match especially if they consist of different styles, metals and colours. Using neutral colours and stainless steel helps preserve consistency and owning appliances that mimic this styling gives off a sense of harmony and appeal to potential buyers.


Hiring renovation specialists

Your ultimate objective when selling your home or investment property is to receive the maximum return on investment. While DIY may help with asset management while keeping within your budget. You may spend much more in the long run as hiring a skilled interior designer helps to prevent expensive, renovation errors. Our designers can assist with product research and selection as our team are interior design specialists

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