30/01/2023 in Tips & Advice

How to revamp your home without blowing your budget

How to revamp your home without blowing your budget


You don’t have to go out and buy brand-new furniture and decorations to give your home a fresh look. Simply cleaning and rearranging furniture and decorations in your room may give it a whole new look and feel. For a quick, low-cost upgrade, freshen your old furnishings and integrate these simple changes into your home design for some stunning results.


Clean and retighten fittings

Taps, showerheads, bathtubs, sinks, and more can shift and loosen over time, not to mention fill up with grime and become unappealing to look at.
Thoroughly cleaning and retighting these fittings can revitalise a kitchen, bathroom, and other living spaces!


Clean and adjust Curtain Heights

Dusting, cleaning, and raising a curtain rod can make a living space feel taller. Ensure that the curtains can still graze the floor by measuring their length when vertically repositioning the rod.


Add Comfort to Chairs

While dining benches and chairs crafted from wood have an industrial or modern appearance, they may not be the most comfortable to utilise. Wooden furniture may be made cosier by draping a faux throw from the living room over the chair or the back of an ottoman. These stylish additions will help make your dining area more warm, inviting, and attractive by providing a pleasant textural contrast.


Decorate Shelves

Utilise household items to spruce up your homes shelving layout. Anything with a unique form or design might be an option, from a vase you adore to an assortment of books in order to create a more harmonious and homely appearance. You must look for items that suit the styling and colours of your home best while also, trying not to add everything to avoid overcrowding just because you think it will make a difference.


Focal Point is essential.

A focal point of interest in any space draws the eye and establishes a visual hierarchy. If your room has no focal point—like an art piece or feature wall —you should add one.


Add Mirror to your Design

Mirrors in frames can be displayed on walls without hammers and nails. A huge mirror can be used for a variety of purposes. It becomes stunning art when framed. When placed at an angle against the wall, it creates the optical illusion that the ceiling is higher than it is. A mirror can be used to create the effect of an additional window by reflecting light into a room.


Combine and Rearrange Your Furniture

How you look at a space may be transformed entirely by adopting a new vantage point. Try shifting the furniture around to revamp the room without replacing any fixtures. Try reversing the sofa in the living room, drawing it away from the wall, and rearranging the chairs around the room until you come across the ideal arrangement. If you don’t like the final arrangement, just put the pieces back in their original position. 


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