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A Guide to Renovating a Small Bathroom

 A Guide to Renovating a Small Bathroom


Although it is the first and last room most people see in their homes, the bathroom is rarely considered when renovations are planned. It’s essential to put in a lot of thought before remodeling your tiny bathroom and starting over. Who will be utilising the space, how you want the furniture arranged, how much money you have, and your personal aesthetic all play a role in the final design decision. Despite the common misconception that designing a smaller bathroom is a breeze, there are actually quite a few considerations that must be made before beginning any bathroom renovation project.



Consider the type of bathroom you will be renovating and who will be utilising it before starting the improvements. Whether your bathroom is a powder room, a full bath, a guest bathroom, or a master bathroom, your design objectives may vary. Typically, a powder room is a little half-bathroom, so you need a toilet, sink, and towel rack. Considering that most people use their master and full bathrooms daily, you may need to consider functionality and storage space while designing your master and full bathrooms. On the other hand, a guest bathroom is used less frequently, so you can save money on premium features and extra storage space that will be optional. If you have children, choose a bathtub over an open shower and ensure that the floors can tolerate water from children stepping out of the tub. Once you have determined which bathroom you will renovate and who will use it, you can quickly proceed with additional restoration plans.



The next step in completing your bathroom remodeling is creating a budget. It is crucial to consider how quickly you want your project completed before deciding whether to hire professionals or do it yourself. Do-it-yourself bathroom improvements can be less expensive but typically take longer to complete. You can also do some DIY work and hire professionals for the rest of the project. For instance, professionals can aid with plumbing, electricity, and tiling, while the homeowner can complete the remaining design elements.


Use space wisely.

To make a bathroom cozy, use space efficiently. Homeowners keep their conveniences close. Small bathrooms should only have the essentials. Because you’re limiting bathroom products, add expensive towels and designer soaps. Replace a cupboard under your sink with a pedestal or wall-mounted sink to save room. These thinner designs are more space-efficient. Towels and washcloths can be stored on small bathroom shelves. Shelves can be placed on walls to eliminate bathroom and other surface clutter. Direct lighting takes up space and makes a bathroom feel small, so consider using recessed lighting to light up specific areas. Clear shower doors to create the illusion of more space. Calming colours make your bathroom feel larger. Towels and minor accessories should be bright.

Consider functionality when redesigning a small bathroom. If you have a wall-mounted sink, you can store towels underneath. You can also use corner vanity cabinets that are space-efficient and provide extra storage.


Even if your bathroom is small, it does not have to feel that way. If you decorate and arrange your small bathroom appropriately, it will be transformed into the relaxing haven you’ve always dreamed of.


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